2-7-09 / The nEu Pornographers

7 02 2009

On the EMX today I bumped into a guy who works at one of the businesses I’ve applied at. He asked me if I’ve gotten a call yet. I tell him I haven’t, but the last time I went in the manager remembered my name, and we had a conversation about Ernest Hemingway, so I guess that’s good. He laughs. He’s actually on his way to work, but when he hits the button to signal a stop the driver keeps going. He gets off at the next stop. He is less than enthused. It’s a long walk.

On another bus, four kids are sitting to the left of me, talking about what parties are going on tonight. One of them is eating skittles. He drops a green one on the floor, bends over, picks it up, and eats it. He’s braver than I am.

Later in the day I stop by Pita Pit, order a pita, and make eyes at the girl behind the counter. Nothing too overt, though, I figure a pretty girl working with the public like her gets hit on by enough creeps during the day. Afterward I walk across the street to the Eugene Station. As I walk toward the bay I walk past a man who is standing still, looking at a poloroid of a naked woman that he is holding in front of him. The two thoughts that go through my head at about the same time are “I wonder what his story is” and “I didn’t know Poloroid was still in business”.

I sit down on a bench, eat my Pita, and wait for my bus.




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