2-26-09 / Honey on her Tongue

26 02 2009

It’s early morning again as I walk up to the bus stop. At least it’s not raining this time.

I’m there for around five minutes when an old woman sneaks up on me. She starts asking me how my morning is and oh God she pulls out a handful of magazines. Watchtower. I knew it!

She tells me about God and Hell and helping people and teaching our next generation the right way to live for the next ten minutes while I smile and nod politely, throwing in an occasional “uh-huh”. When she is finished I tell her I hope she has a good morning and she leaves.

I feel nothing but confusion over a group of people that refuse to accept blood transfusions, and nothing but pity over a group of people who refuse to celebrate birthdays, but there is some admiration for an old lady running around at 5:30 in the morning in the freezing cold trying to (in her mind) better the lives of strangers.

I saw the True Love woman and her husband again today. They walked right by but I don’t think they recognised me. Her face looks a lot better.




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