2-28-09 / Metamushill

2 03 2009

An old man gets on the bus. I’m sitting at the front, so I start to get up so he can sit down, but he stands, grasping a rail at the top of the bus with each hand. He tells the driver:

“If I sit down, it will take me half an hour to get back up again.” He laughs.

The driver replies “Ok, as long as you don’t fall down.”

The man shoots back “Oh that would take me forty five minutes.”

They both laugh. I chuckle to myself as the old man continues.

“I’m not good on my feet. Don’t ever have a stroke. That’s what did it.”

The driver asks him where he is headed.

“I’m going to the Busy Bee Cafe. They’ve got really good food. And, at a fair price.”

The impromptu review from an old man on the bus sounds good enough for me. I make a mental note to stop in there sometime after I am working again.




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