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It is my opinion that the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area has an excellent mass transit system. I’ve been using it for a while. But, the low cost and ease of use that surround riding the bus is oftentimes fairly attractive to a considerably large portion of the Eugene/Springfield population. As a result, I’ve seen and heard a lot of interesting things.

Lately, I have started writing them down.

I figured I would throw them up onto the internet so that other people in the area can read about my experiences, and hopefully I can read about theirs. Feel free to send me any interesting stories of experiences you have had while riding or waiting for the bus. I can be reached at daypassplease@gmail.com

Q.) Does everything you post actually happen?
A.) Yes. The events in a certain day don’t always happen in the order that I post them, though.

Q.) Why do you never mention anyone’s name?
A.) I would consider it a privacy issue.

Q.) Do you tell the people you talk to that you are writing about them?
A.) No way. People wouldn’t act naturally if I did. This is also why I don’t use names.

Q.) When you describe a situation, you switch tenses a lot.
A.) That is true. Sometimes I write about it while it is happening, and sometimes I write about it later.

Q.) How often do you update?
A.) Whenever something interesting happens. A lot of bus rides are uneventful and there are days when I do all of my job hunting on foot, so they may be sporadic. If I don’t find work soon, they’re going to be really sporadic.


One response

11 02 2009

I stumbled across your blog via Craigslist, where I saw it mentioned. I had no idea it existed. I am a bus driver for LTD for the last…oh..going on 13 years and I am impressed! I loved reading your experiences and will continue to check back regularly.
The bus is full of amazing stories, of amazing people, that to some may seem just ordinary. I’m glad you see the value of these people and their everyday lives.
I think I may have a good idea who you are, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to know I was correct.
Please, keep noticing and writing.

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